ford Brake upgrades

Ranger Power Brake Big Brake kit


Kit spec as follows:

  • 2x Billet 6 Piston Calipers
  • 2x Billet Brackets
  •  1x Set of High Carbon Slotted Discs (340x32mm-1 pc disc)
  •  2x Steel Braided Hoses
  •  1x Motul5.1 Brake Fluid
  • Mintex Red High Performance Brake Pads
  • All the mounting accessories

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Mintex Front Brake Pads

Product description:

Powerbrake has worked with renowned brake pad manufacturer Mintex U.K. to source a range of the highest performing friction materials that fall within ECE Reg 90 specifications (which make these materials legal for use on public roads in South Africa - as well as all of our export markets around the world). The R230 compound is a heavy duty, medium-ferrous, asbestos free disc brake pad material. This compound offers strong brake performance over a fairly wide temperature range. Pad wear life is also very good. The R230 compound is suitable for use on the front axles of all passenger cars and 4x4 vehicles. It is particularly recommended for heavier, more powerful vehicles which operate in arduous conditions where a high friction co-efficient is required.


Benefits at a glance:

Optimum heat range: 0-460 deg C.

Recommended tyres: Street or All Terrain.

Pad life: Good.

Disc wear: Moderate.

Brake dust: Low - Medium.

Suitable for street and 4x4 use: Yes.

Suitable for track day use: No.



Most pads are fitted with squeal-damping shims to ensure quiet operation.

Mintex Ford Ranger Front Pads

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Powerbrake AT-Series High-Carbon slotted discs Ford Ranger

Product description

Our newly upgraded Powerbrake AT-Series High-Carbon slotted discs are unmatched in terms of performance and durability. These discs are direct replacements for the original discs on your 4x4 or SUV and require no modifications to the vehicle at all for fitment. Cast from a new High-Carbon cast iron alloy that increases the thermal conductivity of the material resulting in a reduction of thermally induced stresses in the disc during operation. The end result is an extremely stable disc casting that is more resistant to distortion (warping) or cracking than original equipment or standard aftermarket discs. The dry coating on our upgraded AT-Series discs has been changed from the silver coating (used previously) to the same black coating that we use on our 2-piece floating discs in our big brake kits and race brake systems. The black coating can handle higher temperatures and will provide improved corrosion resistance. Our AT-Series discs are machined to extremely tight tolerances (up to three times tighter than the industry norm). Every single disc is measured for runout and disc thickness variation (DTV) using state-of-the-art measuring equipment. We will not ship a disc with a run out value greater than 0.03mm or a DTV value greater than 0.005mm. This 100% measuring policy is very rare in the industry and ensures that every disc we ship is perfect in terms of dimensional accuracy when it leaves our factory. The slot pattern employed on our AT discs delivers the optimum balance of initial bite, quiet operation, fade resistance and best-in-class mud / sand / water clearance. In addition to being used by many thousands of 4x4 and SUV owners in both on-road and off-road driving conditions with excellent results, our AT-Series slotted discs have also been used very successfully in off-road race series such as the Donaldson Cross Country Off-road Championship. The new Powerbrake AT-Series High-Carbon discs set the benchmark in high-performance, slotted brake discs for 4x4 vehicles.


Benefits at a glance:

Reduced stopping distances in both wet and dry conditions.

Reduced brake fade and improved brake consistency.

Improved brake modulation in wet, muddy and sandy off-road conditions.

Improved resistance to disc distortion (warping) or cracking under extreme brake conditions.

Significantly increased disc wear life.



Cast from proprietary high-carbon cast iron alloys.

Machined to tolerances up to three times tighter than the industry norm.

MTR (Max Temperature Recording) system.

Dynamic balancing resulting in smooth vibration-free operation.

Proprietary (dry) disc surface coating for quicker bed-in and max friction co-efficient.

Wide spiral slots which clear friction gasses, debris and water from the disc surface.

Powerbrake AT-Series High-Carbon slotted discs Ford Ranger

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MOTUL DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid (500ml)

Product description:

Motul DOT 5.1 is a 100% synthetic brake fluid with a high boiling point (Dry: 270 deg C). This brake fluid will be an upgrade on the standard brake fluid used in most street cars, 4x4's and SUV's, which are generally factory-filled with standard DOT 4 brake fluids (with dry boiling points of around 235 deg C). We recommend Motul DOT 5.1 brake fluid to customers driving high performance street cars or heavy 4x4's. Bleeding your brakes with Motul DOT 5.1 can make a perceptible difference to brake pedal feel and consistency. It will provide an additional safety margin under heavy-duty braking conditions where high brake temperatures are generated. Motul DOT 5.1 can be used in any car (or motorcycle) that specifies Glycol based DOT 3 or 4 brake fluids in the owners manual (i.e. most production cars sold on the world market over the past 3 decades). Most vehicle manufacturers specify flushing your brake fluid every 18 months as part of normal scheduled maintenance. If your car is modified in terms of engine power upgrades, carries heavy loads or tows then flushing brake fluid annually with a high quality brake fluid such as Motul DOT 5.1 is recommended by Powerbrake.



Dry boiling point: 270 deg C.

Wet boiling point: 185 deg C.

Glycol base (non-silicone).

Ideal for use in ABS equipped vehicles.

Can be used in any clutch system specifying Glycol-based fluid.

Meets standards: FMVSS 116 (DOT 5.1 & 4 & 3); SAE J1703; ISO 4925 (DOT 5.1 & 4 & 3).

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